Selena (White Moon) in Aries

    Means that in a past life the man was a knight sacrifice, so the first level of The White Moon will not let him become a murderer, save us from risks of violence. At the second level, he will move in the same direction, that is, too, will the brave fighter, and he will have good luck in any fair fight - that is it an open and fearless people. The third level is already bright knight going into battle for the high ideals for a just cause, ready to sacrifice, the conductor of light forces. 

    Selena (Baltasis Mėnulis) Jautyje

    In the last living man was generous and disinterested, was not attached to material things, so a new life in the first way, he gets support, there will always be the well-being in material terms, be in good health and good energy. If he tries to get money dishonestly, the White Moon will not do it. In the second way a person continues to move in the same direction, which moved in the past, there remains a generous and unselfish, helping people, and more give, the more he comes. And this applies not only money but also energy, so such a provision the White Moon often healers. In the third way, he may be the custodian bank information, the holder of the energy egregor, that is to create material and energy base for the whole tradition. 

    Selena (White Moon) in Gemini

    Means that in a past life, man was a conductor of light forces, a student of the occult sciences, no one is condemned, for which he received a clean source of information. At the first level, he gets the award for the past, that is, it will have a good relationship with family, good teachers, neighbors and many friends. On the second path, moving in the same direction as it goes on more subtle information, a good student, is a conductor of new knowledge, guided by new friends, playing the role of facilitator, brings people together and through this develop their abilities. At the top, the third way, already being a conductor of light forces, one can from the scattered bits of knowledge to create a system, because the White Moon in Gemini is in exaltation. 

    Selena (White Moon) in Cancer

    Means that in a past life, man was a keeper of tradition and home, and could also be an occultist, and died to protect the shrine, guarded tradition. Therefore, at the first level of this life, he receives a reward of good relations within the family, nice house, good relations with native people and homeland. At the second level, he moves in that direction, as once again the keeper of traditions, a home and so on. At the third level, people with already cleared the energy source may be a priest, in contact with dedicated people. White MoonCancer often means visiting a past life. Because it will maintain the tradition, family, ancestors who died long ago, but the truth, as long as he lives at home, leaving his country, he loses the support of their ancestors. 

    Selena (White Moon) in Leo

    Means that in a past life the man was the creator of light, gained independence and spiritual freedom. Therefore, at the first level he will be given a reward of good children, good luck in love, high energy, followed by stretching and people love him. The second level continues to move in the same direction, that is, a person will reveal their creative ability, self-knowledge, to develop spiritual freedom, helping others, giving their energy. At the third level, becoming a conductor of light forces, despite the fact that the sun - the owner of Leo, will fire a high creative implementation: will deal with higher self-knowledge, to remember where he was born, and can also identify the collective karma. Here, people like to exercise maximum creative synthesis, showing himself to. 

    Selena (White Moon) in Virgo

    Means that in a past life people have suffered and endured, obeyed, and carried his cross, but never lost his pride and resign themselves to the inevitable, that is going through karma yoga. Therefore, the first level of his luck with work and bosses. People will perform for him hard work. He will be able to quickly and easily recover, as there will be problems with the good doctor. At the second level he goes through self-sacrifice, that is to work, helping others, caring for the sick and weak. And on the third level, the highest, he is a healer, which has support in all matters related to the treatment and the implementation of the debt. He may see the ability to inner transformation at a deep level, even his own nature. In this case, it is absolutely unselfish, and can endure a lot of other people. 

    Selena (Baltasis Mėnulis) Svarstyklėse

    Reiškia, kad praeitame gyvenime, žmogus buvo teisingumo nešėjas, taikdarys, nepasmerktas myriop, ir pasiekė aukščiausią harmoniją, teisingas teisėjavimas yra jo karma. Pirmame lygmenyje, jis gauna nuopelnus harmoningos aplinkos formoje, gera šeima, geras vedybinis partneris ir bendrai patikimas visais atžvilgiais, partnereiai, pagalba iš žmonių siejamų su teise. Antrame eigos lygmenyje, ta pati kryptis, kuri ir vėl yra teisingas teisėjavimas. Tačiau trečiame lygmenyje, jis turi pasišventimo teisti kitus žmones, lyg būtų aukščiausias taikdarys, aukojantis save dėl šventos ramybės ir taikos, kadangi svarstyklės valdo Chironą (aukštesniame kosminių įstatymų plane susijungiama su Vulkano planeta, kuri dar pati nėra apsireiškusi, kuri dar nėra atvira planeta , jos funkcijas dalinai yra perėmęs Chironas). 

    Baltojo Mėnulio viršūnėje, kai laikas leidžia pripažinti tokį žmogaus aukštesnįjį nuosprendį. Kitais žodžiais tariant, per jį pasireiškia kosminiai įstatymai. 

    Selena (White Moon) in Scorpio

    Selena means that a person in a past life could be a white magician, that is well aware of the lack of human nature, struggling with their own shortcomings, has passed through purification, through great suffering. Born with the White Moon - it is like a compensation for the fact that he was the victim of white magic. The first level of The White Moon does not give him the fall, the development of secret vices, turns away from the lessons of black magic, as if rescued from the effects of black magic, sadists, rapists, perverts. At the second level - the continuation of the same as before, it is a struggle with his disabilities, the design itself, purification, yield a higher level, fight the evil to the extent of his powers. At the third level, when a man led light forces, it is a magical initiation, ie he is white magician who comes in the way of the struggle against world evil, has contact with the Higher World, spends his initiatives gets help from the dead and has magical protection. 

    Selena (White Moon) in Sagittarius

    Means that in a past life, man was the spiritual father, educator, missionary, an authority who had undergone many tests on the path of spiritual ascent, a man who could be separated from the motherland, so at the first level, he receives an award as a strong position, authority, support for all social affairs. If it is unjust or a teacher will try to use evil means in the struggle for influence and power, the White Moon will not let him do it, do not give to sin, to the extent that this would deprive his career, if it is dangerous for his spiritual development . At the second level a person continues to move in the same direction, which was moving in a past life, then there will again be a missionary, educator, teacher. And on the third level, his life turns into a specific example for others, it is as if unconsciously on his own example teaches others, possessing strength, incommensurable with the human, and being already a carrier, distributor, conductor traditions. That is the provision of spiritual teachers. In this case the person is indeed a teacher "from God." He will understand other cultures, to distribute light tradition to bear it. 

    Selena (White Moon) in Capricorn

    Means that in a past life, a person has assumed voluntarily strange karma, seeking higher purpose, was an ascetic, that is, voluntarily became a scapegoat. At the first level, he receives some compensation in the form of achieving their goal. True, part of the compensation comes at the end of life. At the second level, he continues to do what he did in a past life, that is, takes on someone else's karma comes hard to the goal, novstvenno cleaning. And on the third level, a person becomes a conductor of light forces, that is, already has the highest Cosmic Law, and his whole life is dedicated to achieving the ultimate goal. Forces released him just as much as necessary to carry out this program. He can voluntarily make sacrifices to achieve this goal, may themselves take the karma of almost the whole nation. It is not by chance under the sign of Capricorn are born very many teachers, but the Sun, not the White Moon. It is through the sign of Capricorn is possible for one person to assume the karma of so many. Therefore, if a person White Moon in Capricorn, and he goes on the third path, and behind it light forces, then, putting on a very large load, the cost of his life and hard work he had in this life free and will save other people. 

    Selena (White Moon) in Aquarius

    Means that in a past life the man was an altruist, all came on an equal footing, fell into a state of complete freedom, a clear distinction between good and evil, was a reformer, inspired, supported by faith in the people, bore the freedom of other people and animals. At the first level, he gets a reward independence and good friends. Him luck in all new cases, and it is easy to make a choice between good and evil. At the second level a person is moving in the same direction, then there will be a reformer, inspired, altruistic. At the third level, becoming a conductor of light forces, it can alter how your karma and the karma of others. Through it enters the world of bright new faith, new religions. 

    Selena (White Moon) in Pisces

    Means that in a past life was a humble man, he lived a solitary life of a hermit who secretly helped other people to show mercy, compassion, attention and love to the prisoners, the mentally ill. Therefore, at the first level, he receives a reward in the form of a harmonious environment, compassion and caring of others. The second level continues to bear the secret help, leads a solitary life, is a sacred image. Very often, it will have prophetic dreams, and he unconsciously finds a way out of the impasse, and the ability to read omens and premonitions. And at the highest, third level, when a person becomes a conductor of light forces, appears to correct criminals, to help wayward suffering from mental illness, cheated, victims of black magic. He can communicate with the other world, merging with nature and the cosmos. And there may come and support from the forces of the elements, merging with nature, and the higher powers. To help other people understand themselves, their depth and harmony to the world - a mission of man on the third level. In this case, it is a mystical way. Here are just a magical way to influence the world for him is forbidden - this is deception. Man's way is through meditationThrough an intuitive comprehension of the mysteries of the world, its unity.

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